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Westlake Chemical's flexible low density polyethylene (LDPE) resin technology with a wide range of products with different levels of strength, stretch, clarity and puncture resistance. From this, customers can produce films for different applications including blown and cast film.

Grade MIsort descending Density Data Sheet
EF1807 0.70 0.9210 PDF icon
EF403 0.80 0.9240 PDF icon
EB171 1.60 0.9300 PDF icon
EP417 1.70 0.9240
EF412 2.00 0.9230 PDF icon
EF421 2.10 0.9230
EF310 2.20 0.9235 PDF icon
EF796 2.50 0.9210 PDF icon
EF923 2.50 0.9210 PDF icon
EF4060 3.00 0.9210 PDF icon
EP413 3.00 0.9230 PDF icon
EF378 4.00 0.9220 PDF icon