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Westlake specializes in ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) formulations with vinyl acetate content that has expanded up to 28%, appropriate for use in thermoplastic extrusion, film compounds and foam molding.??With softness and flexibility approaching elastomeric materials, EVA has good clarity and gloss, barrier properties, low-temperature toughness, stress crack resistance and ultraviolet (UV) resistance.? Applications include a wide variety of end-uses, such as flexible packaging, heat-seal layers, thermal laminations, hose and tubing, blow molded (soft touch) bottles, cap liners, and foams.

Grade MIsort descending Vinyl Acetate% Data Sheet
EF510 0.55 10.0
EF561 0.55 6.5 PDF icon
EB502 0.55 12.5 PDF icon
EF545 0.55 4.0 PDF icon
EB561 0.55 6.5 PDF icon
EB508 0.70 18.5 PDF icon
EF563 1.10 6.5 PDF icon
EB439 1.40 4.0
EF439 1.40 4.0 PDF icon
EF437 2.00 2.5 PDF icon
EF546 2.00 6.0 PDF icon
EB591 2.00 9.0 PDF icon